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3radisheslongcut CSsiteThere is no “one best” 5k or half marathon training program. Google “diet books” and there are 158,000,000 hits in 0.24 seconds. All the bells and whistles of a wellness program have no purpose if they are not integrated into your daily lives.

We all have different means, access and goals. The one thing we all have in common is food. Whether it is cultural differences, economic limitations, or skill and comfort level, the way we shop, prepare and consume our meals is the foundation of a healthier lifestyle for ourselves, our employees and families.

I will work with you to create a plan that best suits your specific goals and customize the process to include everything from cooking demos to individual consultation, meal planning to food shopping strategies.

My personal journey continues to be a whole food plant based lifestyle. My goal with clients is not to impress them with how successful I was, but how successful they can be. I supply each and every one of them with the culinary skills and techniques needed to achieve their individual goals.

An experienced chef who, over the course of my career, came to realize the many benefits of eating for health and wellness, I encourage others to learn from my mistakes and successes. I work with individuals to devise smart-shopping, cooking, and eating strategies, and create recipes and meal plans for health and wellness programs run by small businesses and large corporations alike. My professional focus is to empower my clients to own their food choices, own their fitness goals and own their health.

After apprenticing and graduating the New York Restaurant school in 1983, I worked as an executive chef, a private chef, caterer and a culinary arts instructor for over 25 years.

  • As a member of the American Culinary Federation (2007-2014), I earned the designations of Certified Executive Chef (C.E.C.) and Certified Culinary Administrator (C.C.A.)
  • Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies
  • National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Managefirst Nutrition Certification (February 2011)
  • American Culinary Federation Culinary Nutrition Certification (April 2009)
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certification, Sports Nutrition Workshop, Nancy Clarke (Winter 2009-2010)

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“It seems more common than not that there is a disconnect between the information the medical profession provides, and the realities of shopping, preparing, cooking, and actually enjoying a meal based on a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. I will show others how to bridge that gap."